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Vegetarian Paella (Paella Hortalizana)


Spanish Vegetarian Paella
1. You may use a large wok, or sauté casserole. Start by heating the pan slightly, add the olive oil and sauté the chopped vegetables (Olive oil, not virgin - 1 teaspoon, cauliflower ( ½ head diced into 1 inch cubes), green pepper (one small pepper julienne), garlic head (diced into small pieces) and Roma tomatoes (diced about ½pound).
2. Reserve the asparagus for last to prevent overcooking.
3. Add half of the vegetable stock and allow to simmer for five (5) minutes. Add a pinch of the saffron and Salt and Pepper to taste and stir until the liquid has absorbed some of the saffron color.
4. Add the Calasparra rice (or risotto rice) and stir gently and let simmer for five (5) more minutes.
5. If the rice appears dry add more stock...the idea is to have a the rice absorb the liquid slowly without drowning it. You may choose to add about ½ cup of the Mermaid’s Fancy in addition to the stock.
6. Taste for doneness, it should be ‘al dente’ like pasta. When nearly ready, add the remaining vegetables (the asparagus) over the top do not stir them in! Top with Piquillo Peppers garnish.
7. When nearly ready, remove from heat and place in a warm place until ready to serve.
 Wine Pairing: Serve with Alsatian Dry Muscat or our Stardust Viognier if serving as main dish.

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